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Swiss Repair is a professional watch service center utilizing expert watchmakers and technicians. We are pleased to offer distinguished watch owners with comprehensive watch care services which include:

Complete Maintenance
Swiss Repair will restore your timepiece to its original factory specifications extending the quality of life of your watch. Many mechanical watches require a full maintenance every three to five years, according to the brand specifications.
This complete maintenance includes disassembly, cleaning and reassembly of the movement- where worn parts and gasket are replaced- and improvement in the timing and water resistance of the watch.
Battery Replacement
Swiss Repair replaces batteries and performs water resistance tests to determine the presence of leaks, if any, which can be repaired during the battery replacement process. Any watch purchased from our retail partners receives this service at no charge.
Sizing & Other Adjustments
Watches are adjusted and/or fitted to your sizing specification by one of our many professional staff. Swiss Repair is pleased to offer this as a complimentary service to clients that purchase a watch from our retail partners.
Replacement of Parts
Damaged dial, crown and crystals are replaced as well as any needed repairs to the crown and bracelet. Swiss Repair also offers clasp and strap adjustments and replacements to re-articulate your timepiece.
Mechanical Watch De-Magnetism
Is your watch running at lightning speed? Swiss Repair will test to determine if your watch has been exposed to magnetic fields, which can alter the timing element. We will inverse the magnetic field to restore the timepiece's harmonious functionality. This service is complimentary for all our clients.
Water Resistance Maintenance
This maintenance protects your watch from water damage. This essential service includes the replacement and lubrication of gaskets and seals ensuring continued water resistance.
Cleaning & Polishing
If your watch has lost its shimmering essence, send it in to Swiss Repair. We are equipped with materials and skilled staff that will work earnestly to restore and revitalize your watch to its original visual appeal.
Revive your watch to its original grandeur. The use of a customized refinishing machine allows us to recreate the brilliance of solid watch metals and material. Swiss Repair does not offer refinishing for plated or painted material at this time.
Please refer to our Pricing Table for general guidelines by service.

We guarantee all service performed in our facilities for 2 years

Lifetime battery replacement is free with warranty

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