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Maintenance Service

In need of a tune-up? We offer comprehensive expert watch care services for a wide range of luxury timepieces.

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Warranty Service

Is your watch under warranty through Swiss Repair? We provide warranty service for all timepieces from our online retail partners.

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The Opus of Time

However fast technology may evolve, there remains a need for the human touch when it comes to the mechanical element of time. At Swiss Repair, we have an ensemble of professional watchmakers and technicians performing a perfect composition of watch maintenance and repair.

We are able to provide such distinctive services because of our multitude of professional staff. Swiss Repair technicians’ instrumental skills and experience is committed to the scientific rhythm and restoration of genuine mechanical movement watches. The combined mechanical aptitude of our staff allows us to meticulously address each client’s watch needs in a harmonious environment of craftsmanship

Swiss Repair is dedicated to providing its clients with distinctive watch care that will ultimately preserve the life of client’s treasured timepieces. The Swiss Repair ensemble at our elite repair facility have been carefully selected to ensure that each member delivers optimal service in the handling, restoration and repair processes of our clients’ watches.

Swiss Repair delivers more than mere watch care services - we give people peace of mind that our passion and expertise will ensure the care of a cherished timepiece for a lifetime and beyond.

Our host of highly trained experts usher your piece through a well-orchestrated secure placement, maintenance and reassembly process. It’s somewhat like a final dress rehearsal before the performance of a composed symphony – testing and making assessments, disassembling, cleaning, polishing and demagnetizing the timepiece, performing an endless opus of time.

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